Saturday, August 29, 2015

of hearts and aneurysms

Their Tata (KK's dad) has an aneurysm and undergoes surgery.

The kids’ complaints about having to go for ‘in-camp training’ on Sundays (when they head out to their paternal grandparents) has increased in volume and stridency; but they honestly don’t know how lucky they are that all four of their grandparents are alive and functional.

Tata’s heart functions at 15% capacity (in you and me, the heart apparently functions at about 60%) and I think he’s prone to blocked arteries, which may fearfully get so swollen it bursts and blood spills out as if from a ripped garden hose, internally. An uncle had to endure seven months of lying down in the hospital when a ‘hose’ in his abdomen swelled from a diameter of 1cm to 10cm, and finally exploded to staggering effect.

Now, for Tata, at least one abdominal blood vessel which had grown to about 3.5cm diameter (the aneurysm) has been fortified with a stent - a kind of tube fitted into the vessel.


Tata breaks into his toothless smile when he sees the children, post-op. He is delighted, and hungry, having not eaten since the night before. The children still treat the hospital as a playground, and are endlessly fascinated by the machines.

* KK is (still) endlessly fascinated by Liyen. He made me take this photo because Liyen willingly let him carry her, without his having to make a grab

Happily, his operation went off without a hitch. But there are life stages we will all have to go through, as the years march forward.

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