Monday, August 31, 2015

piano do

It’s time for the annual piano concert.

* Venue: Home TeamNS at Bukit Batok

It’s a true sign of progress – or lack of it – that my daughters wear exactly the same dresses to perform (the same dresses they wear to every concert and formal event) because they have nothing much else to choose from.

Psychologically, Jo at age nine is steady as a rock and though she lightly brushes her ice-cold fingers against my arm pre-concert and complains of tummy butterflies, she is perfectly fine. Even when she stopped halfway, she didn’t overly care about it which delights me! 

Lu at age seven is scared out of her wits. Her stage fright this year is monumental. She wants to throw up, her little hands are clammy and cold, and for some reason she hugs a plastic cup of ice lemon tea for dear life, which she sips from whenever she feels scared, which is every other minute which also means she ends up going to the loo quite a bit.

She wanted to take the cup up on stage with her (of course she couldn’t).

Post-performance, she throws the cup my way and trills – Throw it away for me, Mama!


Karmeleon said...

Christmas Day Secrets! I don't recognise the piece your elder one played though.

HomeTeam Bkt Batok has a piano?! or need to rent?

Lysithea said...

Bravo bravo! :) Good work girls!

Sher said...

hello karmeleon! jo's playing matsuri. its not a suzuki song.

yes it has a grand. no idea if it had to be rented...

Karmeleon said...

Nevermind, i actually found out already ! The place has a grand piano at extra cost. Yamaha Grand. :-)