Wednesday, August 05, 2015

school’s 75

The nice thing about sending the kids to the school where they are now, is that the school doesn’t need to raise funds. It’s backed by a clan association.

So the kids have never had to go through the character-building exercise of asking family and friends for money.

The other day the school celebrates its 75th anniversary and I, along with other parent volunteers, are invited for lunch, sans kids. I go in jeans and a T-shirt, expecting a buffet line and standing around with foam plates.

I walk into the school and I see a chef slaving over an entire kitchen which has been set up under the stair. Perched on his gas hob are seven plates of fish ready for steaming, Chinese wedding dinner-style.



I troop up the stairs and I see, outside the school hall, several mums dressed to the nines, in heels and makeup and styled hair and cheongsams, but I am reassured to see other mums wearing polo tees and berms. Clearly, they didn’t get the message, like me.

Do the dressed-up mums melt in the sweltering noonday heat?

No, because the school hall is magically air-conditioned! The aircons were apparently installed this year!


And so we enjoy an eight-course meal. 


Fish, roast chicken, fish maw soup, broccoli and whatnot, with wushu performances by the kids and a speech by the guest-of-honour clan association guy.

He’s not very engaging. But for the funds we get from the association, I’d be happy to listen to him a few more times.

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