Sunday, August 09, 2015


Singapore turns 50.

In a nutshell, I think it’s good I was born here, and I think it’s good the kids are born here.

Jai, Mum’s Filipino helper, frames it this way: She sees all the SG50 festivity, she sees the road improvement and cable works which are going on (between mum’s place and mine, at least five sites) and she sighs – At least your taxes are going somewhere. In the Philippines it all goes into someone’s pocket.

Well OK.

So on National Day itself, this time, I manage to get everyone up and moving to see that other thing I really wanted to see: The fireworks.

How? While KK is napping I prepare three picnic boxes, haul out the picnic mat, take out the bicycles. When he wakes up and before he can sigh – Do we have to? – I say I’ve already prepared the food, snap my fingers and say it’s time to go. So we go and do the thing we did back in 2012, cycling to Gardens by the Bay East, only this time with Lu cycling along (and KK on skate scooter instead of on his bicycle)

* We catch the entire aerial display on our way there

And Lu does it! To the overpass and far beyond, with nary a complaint! (I think it was the heat the last time round which zapped her dry) The way back is a real crush with what feels like a thousand cyclists all fleeing the grounds at the same time. Its bumper-to-bumper cycling traffic, all jammed up, but Lu manages beautifully, balancing and cycling very slowly without crashing into the cyclists who are arm’s length away on each side.

* Lu at Starbucks on her way back

Gardensby the Bay East has bloomed since the last time we were there, gardens do take time to impress. We don’t get bitten by any mosquitoes because I think they’re full of blood, there are a few thousand people thronging the lawns.

* Expat right in the middle wearing a shirt which says "I Love SG"

* Us and our mat. Despite the crowd, there is still plenty of lawn left

* Dinner

But the SG50 fireworks are really something.


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