Wednesday, September 02, 2015

birthday board

In May last year, I made a birthday board with the girls.

* Lu had just broken her arm 

At the time, I was contemplating throwing out a stack of wood laminate colour samples from the carpenter – I asked him to give it to me because I loved the colours – which had been lying around gathering dust.


Holding the stack, I thought perhaps we could do an art piece; arrange the rectangles in aesthetically pleasing swathes of colour. Then I thought it would be far more functional if I cut out letters to make a birthday board.

Which essentially is a board, to use through the years, which would clearly identify every birthday event photo as one.

So I cut out the letters while the girls helped me to ‘liquid paper’ the bits in the middle, like the hole in the middle of the R, and stick the letters up on a spare IKEA shelf we had lying around.

It’s been terribly useful. For Liyen's do last year when she turned one,  for Lu, for Jo. The colour really brightens up the photos.

* Latest: For Por Por's 69th Birthday

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