Monday, September 14, 2015

culinary adventures

… because these (culinary adventures) are few and far between!

By now, it’s clear none of these kids are really interested in cooking. When they’re small, you expose them, there’s a possibly that the babies might turn out to be Masterchefs, you’re hopeful. Pancakes, pizza, chopping vegetables, tiramisu, whatnot.

Well. Whatever culinary adventures take place now has got nothing to do with education. (I think they're content to stay at the level of instant noodles.) 

It would simply be because we the adults want to eat something nice and the kids, if involved, are really kitchen helpers. If they do a bad job I yell at them to go away. I don't try to encourage or teach them. (there's jaded mum for you)

Gu Gu makes a light Japanese sponge cake. Lu takes a perfunctory, passing (now I know its passing!) interest in the range of gadgets and materials Gu Gu has in her very well-stocked kitchen. Cake mixer, kitchen weighing scales, round baking tin, baking paper.



The cake is delicious. But nothing we can ever replicate because I also know by now I don’t enjoy baking.

* Lu alternates her bites of cake with bites of banana

I make a Shepherd’s Pie, in lieu of our usual Saturday eat-out dinners. I just felt sick of eating out and spending money.

* Jo's mashed potato "cake". She helped me mash

Lots of Youtubes later, with some help from the kids because they had nothing to do and nowhere to go on a hazy Saturday afternoon, and without objection from a husband who was away at work (and who would have to obediently do the washing up), I produce a Shepherd’s Pie.

Its just a layer of mashed potato on top of a pile of minced meat, bunged in the oven for a bit. I can't believe that's all there is to Shepherd's Pie.

* An egg yolk-less, cheese-less potato crust which can't quite brown as a result. Oh well, I don't like egg yolk or cheese on my mash 


Vindication comes in the form of a typed-out conversation between the girls. (they’ve recently taken to typing out their conversations, as if practicing for some day in the near future when they will communicate through Whatsapp chats)

Jo: Let’s talk about… the Shepherd’s Pie Mama cooked.
Lu: Why?
Jody: *shrugging shoulders*
Lu: OK Mama’s pie was delicious OK?
Jo: Ya… I guess let’s not talk about Mama’s Shepherd’s Pie anymore. There’s nothing to say, only that it’s delicious.

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