Saturday, September 12, 2015

election result

It was Jo who sat next to me throughout the night, starting from 9pm when I turned on the television to catch the election results, live.

She grudgingly took a hurried bath but rushed straight back, cheering every time the PAP scored big which happened a lot.

I finally shooed her in to bed at midnight, but she was good company for what would have otherwise been a solo watch.

Unlike the last-round drama, I was progressively accepting as the night wore on.

Watching me shush the kids so I could listen to every word of the (even if it’s inane) commentary, KK quips: See, this is how I feel when I’m watching a Man U match.

He doesn’t care much. Earlier in the day, he took his voting cue from me when we headed out to the neighbourhood school to cast our vote.

Day, he can’t wait another 10 years before he gets to vote.

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