Monday, September 28, 2015

lanterns, but no moon

And so on a smoky Sunday night, haze be damned, the children continued with the annual Lantern walk up and down the street outside their grandparent’s place.

* Mid-Autumm Festival spread

Day delightedly added to the atmosphere as he, the official Fire Man, lit up candle after candle and swirls of smoke rose up to join the haze. (by this time it has become clear to me that he is much more adept and comfortable with lighters and fire than me)

* Day re-lights an expired candle

There was no moon for the moon-gazing tradition, it was occluded.

But the trio thankfully still find it a hoot to walk with lanterns and they do, up and down the street, several times until I tell them that Papa’s tired of waiting.


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