Wednesday, September 30, 2015


* I have seen several wedding couples pose in this same spot for their pre-wedding shots (when I do wedding gigs I kaypoh and flip through the albums)

If it’s not the library or the mall, it’s the museum. There isn’t much a family can do for free outside of home (in aircon) when it’s hazy.

They collectively moan and groan when I announce it’s Museum Time (honestly if I left it up to them they’d stay at home to watch Masterchef or Gravity Falls or Steven’s Universe, the latter two which they learn of thanks to my geek brother). 

Yes it’s come to this but while I can still drag them to the museum, I’ll drag them to the museum.

There’s a whole bunch of fabulous new exhibits at the National Museum which make me go – Aw I miss the good old days.


And the most crowded area was the part where I think the stuff from our first Prime Minister’s house – you know the kind of old things like tables and chairs and pictures you’d have to sort through and decide what to do with once your parents die – were happily given a new lease of life in the museum where everyone goes gaga.

This is his white shirt and pants (how tall he is)! This is the table over which the young men with fire in their bellies, who would go on to be Singapore’s pioneer leaders, first held their discussions! 


This is LKY’s notebook showing his small, neat, precise (but there are loops) handwriting! This is his red box (more maroon than red)!


We don’t even cover half the space (I don’t think museums are meant to be covered in a day) but after seeing displays of old school desks and books, and viewing videos of school in the 60s which are tremendously interesting, Day says slightly wistfully, “Children really seemed to have more fun last time.” Well. There's a GP essay he can think about for the future.

What captivated them most, however, was nothing historical. It was scientific. A gyroscope comprising sports medals arranged in rings which, when spun, come to life. 

* A terrible video but just so they'll remember it

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