Thursday, September 24, 2015

old vids

Because it’s so hazy we hole ourselves up in the air-conditioned, air-filtered room and watch a whole lot of videos.

We just did the entire season of US Masterchef Season 3 (the one where the Vietnamese blind chef Christine Ha won), and then I decided to pull out some old family videos which are always a treat.

By now, as the years pass, it’s really like we’re watching some other family. No one can recognize themselves, they’re so different. Jo in particular - Little Miss Proper now - thinks her fat funny pre-school self was absurd. She’s done a complete turnaround, as with most of the very marked phases in her life.

While there is little self-identification, what they do is laugh, uproariously. They find themselves hilarious, and so do I. I don’t think I was amused at all when I took those videos. I was probably feeling a bit xian. But now, I laugh till I tear.

This one which I've never uploaded of them aged 3, 5 and 7, completely cracked them up. Especially when Jo does her little spiel and Lu drops her elephant trunk. (At the time, I think I was feeling a bit pissed at how they can't sit still in the car) 

I’ve lamented to them before, that I really MISS them, as in the “them” of five or more years back. I sigh, while trying to squeeze some folds in their bony arms - Oh my babies! Where are my babies? God, none of you are cute anymore. 

Then they get very offended.

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Anonymous said...

LuLu so cute..ha. Still Sai sai lup Jun