Tuesday, September 22, 2015


The time has finally come, earlier than I expected. Finally, since the year started, I feel free.

I have laid down the last work burden, one of several which I hoisted on my shoulders from the start of the year and which made me double-over in fatigue. I just couldn’t let go of any of them as each and every client lobbed them back, and so it went to-and-fro. Until now.

I have said no, thank you to all job offers in the last few weeks (except for bite-sized manageable ones).

One day my bank account will worry me again, and when I am once again confronted with $6 in my ATM account (it happened recently and I couldn’t even pay the library fines), then I’ll see what I have to do.

Until then, despite the haze, I am feeling the healthiest and happiest I have been all year, as I sleep and eat and mother them with a passion, satiated with time and luxuriating in a dead-silent mobile.

And in future, I will try my best to better manage my (work) life. The first three-quarters of this year were honestly the WORST I have ever experienced.

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