Friday, September 04, 2015

teacher’s day exchange

Por Por, who is now teaching in a primary school, comes downstairs with a bagful of stuff and summons the girls: “Nah, no need to buy presents for your teachers this year. Just come and pick.”

The bag is full of presents which her pupils gave her last year on Teacher’s Day, which she didn't use. Jo and Lu carefully select a few.

This year, Por Por had earlier ordered her pupils not to buy her any presents. The kids protest: But Teacher I bought already! My mother is going to make cupcakes for you! (Por Por shudders)

So after Teacher’s Day, Por Por presents the girls with a bagful of fresh presents from 2015: “Nah, the two of you can choose which ones you want." Apart from some bickering over choice items, they cheerfully divvy up the haul.

It’s interesting to see what primary-school teachers get. It's a lot. Apart from lots of cutesy stuff - a lot of which seem to be meant for 10-year-old girls rather than 69-year-old women (plush teddy bears, bracelets with pink stars and beads) which is what got the girls so excited - there was also a pack of vacuum-packed bak gwa, which went to KK.

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