Friday, September 18, 2015

try try again

The other day KK’s sister says to him: Why do you keep taking all these exams if you keep failing?

Because he still is, failing. New sorts of exams.

KK says, just take lor. Sooner or later I’ll pass.

And he does. Then it strikes me that no one really knows how many times you’ve tried. You could have failed 10 times but once you get it, you put it up on your resume and it’s there, another light for your professional Christmas tree, for life. 

It’s something new to me, I who won’t do anything if I think I’ll fail. I never gather any baubles for my professional Christmas tree. I hope KK’s attitude is one which will rub off on the kids. He never talks about it, but you know, he's their role-model and all.

The other day we splurge on a nice meal at Etna Italian Restaurant (its the sort of place where waiters come up to you to recite the menu) because KK has gotten new lights.

After failing once and a lot of grief, he’s finally become a Qualified Erosion Control Professional. Which means that he is qualified to, er, recommend measures to prevent erosion at work sites.

And after failing once, he’s passed an exam to join the UK-based Institution of Structural Engineers, which allows him to design structures in all Commonwealth countries. (I asked him, for what if you have no intention of going overseas? He says, greater recognition mah)

For the record, our Etna meal because we won't be splashing out like this again for a long time.

* Clams. KK's favourite

* Mushroom risotto

* Truffle pizza which none of the kids liked but I loved

* Lobster ("freshly flown in this morning" says the waiter) pasta and Er Loh, Professional Engineer (geotechnical), QECP, Chartered member of the Institution of Structural Engineers


crabbycrab said...

congrats! & i like the lobster ... esp the sauce, looks like some kind of abstract art haha ;)

Sher said...

thanks! (on behalf of him)