Monday, October 26, 2015

head wound

If there is one child in the trio who always gets hurt, it’ll be Lu.

Why? I don’t know. She’s just … vulnerable. Fractures, blood gushes...

As she and Jo scrambled to hide from me, and in their mad rush to find a good concealed spot, they ran toward each other from two different sides of a corner wall and collided.

Jo’s teeth, located at the exact level where Lu’s forehead is, scraped the skin.

Jo’s lower lip bled and swelled alarmingly for a few hours before going down. Horrified, she kept repeating: I can’t believe I bit Lulu’s head.

Lu had it far worse. Head wounds, as usual, bleed like a fountain. She ran to me, hand clutching her head, blood streaming down on her uniform as drops trailed behind her.

Their piano teacher, who was present, turned pale. I don’t think she has ever seen a child’s head spout blood.

Lu, too, turned pale as she stammered – It’s pain, Mama, there’s BLOOD! Why is it always ME? Why?

I sighed, pressed the wound, cleaned off the blood and saw a cm-long cut which didn’t look like it needed stitches.

We left it. And gave thanks that that was it.

The next day, a whole bunch of strange kids and three Primary 6 boys she didn't even know came up to her to ask: What HAPPENED?!

Her teacher also called me and said very nicely: "Please do me a favour and bring her to the doctor, OK? It looks bad." (It does? Anyway I did. I got a tube of antibiotic cream)


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Why me? Cos she's sai sai Jun