Wednesday, October 28, 2015

hidden restaurant

We wandered into a strange restaurant.


It looked like a shop along a very quiet residential street which I often parked in front of, to get to the market on the other side of the road. One day an old man in shorts and singlet and a white Billy Goat beard the length of my hand walked out, thrust a flyer at me and said: Come and eat at our restaurant!

I had never seen a soul in the space. With a narrow doorway typical of bedroom doors and a waist-high window, it looked like a ground-level home, the sort you find in Tiong Bahru. They do Peranakan?


We had to eat at this mysterious place. One Saturday evening when we were bereft of dining choices, I came to the rescue once again with this remembered nugget.

We were the only diners, in a space of no more than five tables covered with heavy plastic, which looked like it had been created by pushing aside all the items in someone’s living room. Books, magazines, a giant teddy bear, stood next to a karaoke machine which was belting out Chinese oldies like Ali Shan De Gu Niang.


A heavily made-up senior citizen (pink lipstick and bleached bob with fringe) took our order.

“We’re very busy”, she said. “We have a lot of catering orders, a lot.”

From the kitchen, we could hear an old couple quarreling. Apparently they’re the cooks. The lady scolded the man for screwing up the orders. It was all very odd. But as one gourmand tells me, if the cooks are old Singaporeans doing the job themselves, the food will likely be good.

The food sang, alongside the karaoke. Well, for us anyway. The rice was warm and soft and fluffy, their speciality otah was filled with huge chunks of fish, the sweetish sayur lodeh was thick and lemak, the ngoh hiang was skinny but crispy. KK in particular was delighted.

And it all cost less than $50 inclusive of drinks.

* Sayur lodeh (vegetable curry)

* Ngoh Hiang (meat roll)

* Otah


Anonymous said...

May i know where this is?

Sher said...

1 figaro street.

strikingreality said...

Hi, where can I find out more about their catering? Tried googling but couldn't find any information about their catering biz. If the food is really good, I wouldn't mind trying their catering. Thanks!


Sher said...

hullo! whether food's good is subjective, u shld try it first of course. what struck me most was that the set up is certainly quaint!

i believe the line is 64411792.