Saturday, October 24, 2015

kindness wall


The girls scrubbed out our glass kitchen door the other day. Left with a blank wall, I had an idea: Let’s do a Kindness Wall.

Rather than writing stupid schedules and Things To Do, why not make it a happy wall of good deeds. Fits the objective.

Every kid is assigned a different colour and every time I see them do something kind or if they report doing something kind which I don’t see, I write it out and make it a puffy little cloud in their colour.


Every 10 clouds earn them a $2 prize from Daiso. They get to pick what they want from a Mixed Bag.

Best investment ever.

Heck the long-term benefits – if any – but for now, I’m finally getting help with housework. The person easiest for them to be kind to (because they always see me struggling or complaining) is me.

As for friends, teachers, grandparents, it’s all mostly work in progress, but they probably get the point.

Lu, the littlest, is most enthused and she is all systems go from the start. She’s the first to get a prize, and another, and another.

* Surveying, analysing, selecting

Jo won’t go as far as Lu (she won’t get her hands dirty doing the laundry or wash the dishes for a cloud), but tries her level best to spot loopholes. For instance: If I choose not to play the piano while someone is sleeping, aren’t I being kind?

Day completely doesn’t care about the clouds. He looks over the prizes and he sniffs at the entire lot. But as he’s rather helpful by nature, cloud or no cloud, he eventually gets his gummy pack. (“I want consumables, Mama, can you buy more consumables?”)

As far as I’m concerned, all I have to do is to ask them after school – did you do anything nice for anyone today? And make sure the goodie bag is filled with things they really want.

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