Friday, October 30, 2015

orchids at the botanic

Apart from Lu who has a tendency to spot small live things like snails and spiders, they’re not tree-huggers.

Just another thing which can’t be forced, I suppose.

But since the haze has finally let up after two torturous months (please don’t come back), and since the exams just ended, I decide to bring the girls out for some fun at the Botanic Gardens’ National Orchid Garden. (Day joined his friends for full-on gaming)


I just like the place. Its beauty lingers in my memory, and KK and I took our wedding photos there.

But that's not what they'll remember. 

They will remember our trip for how their dumb mummy navigator (I’m certain I’m one of the last people in the world who still use a street directory but it wasn’t very helpful in this instance), just couldn’t find her way to the carpark nearest the orchids. I finally resorted to getting a sweaty Botanic Garden’s worker whom I stopped to ask for directions to sit in my car and direct me there.



* Lu's well-used and favourite Kindness present


It also poured and we made a thrilling run for it after waiting out 30 minutes in a glass orchid edifice called the Cold House which, as per its name, was cold to the point that Lu the Vulnerable twitched like she had fits. Running out in the cold rain didn’t help. 

Perhaps she's sort of weak because I don't take very good care, the way a good Chinese mother would.

* Cold House, when it appeared as a much-needed air-conditioned blessing as we stood in the muggy heat before it poured

* Lu: I'm so COLD! Jo's blood seemed to have retreated from her face and lips, too.

* What to do in 30 minutes with no entertainment but draw their sad situation?

* Lu's self-portrait

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Love the colours of the first pic! :)