Monday, November 09, 2015

adult friends

Children very seldom come to our place. I think the kids think our house is boring and dirty, and they don’t like to ask their friends over.

But on occasion, adult friends (usually childless) who like to hang out with the kids drop by, and the kids are quite used to my announcing that Uncle X or Auntie Y is coming this afternoon. Namely, folks like JJ and Theresa.

Sometimes I’m not around, and the kids then have to make small talk.

Jo and Lu are quite good at this and they instinctively know what to do when there are guests. Lu complains: "Mama, Day didn’t even entertain your friends. He was just playing his computer." (she said she played the piano for them, I suppose that’s her party trick)

While I’m out, I wonder if my friends would be frightfully bored. But apparently not. They enjoy watching the kids talk, do their work, practise piano, help themselves to ice cream from the fridge, etc etc.

For people who don’t have kids, maybe it’s like watching a live documentary of some strange tribe.

The kids’ latest visitors are Uncle Lim Chun - who’s seen the kids grow up, and his wife, who meets the kids for the first time.

* Sok Wah, Lu and Chun

* Chun carrying four-month-old Lu in 2008! When I dig up this picture, Chun and Sok Wah goes Awww and Lu goes WAT?

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Karmeleon said...

LOL - to the Pic of Lim Chun with Baby Lu.

When he was teaching my big son viola briefly, he used to take my littlest one's - at that time 1/16 violin to teach! Too farnee.