Thursday, November 05, 2015

busy pa

Since he started the company, KK has never been busier and work will only get more hectic.

We don’t see very much of him these days.

He’s either away, returning late, or if he’s home he’s mired in work. 

* "Accompanying" KK

Saturdays he’s gone entirely and Sundays he still plays golf, which I have no issue with for a man needs his hobbies, a housewife needs her off-day and children need to visit grandparents.

Is it hard?

Not really. He’s passionate about civil engineering, and he’s finally able to name his own price. He certainly manages his own freelance career with a firm hand, which is more than I can say for myself after 11 years.

Me, I have to fly solo a lot more (especially on Saturdays now as I have to “take charge” the entire day, and sometimes Sundays too). But I, too, have learnt to pick jobs judiciously – only those that I like to do, are easy to do, pay well or are for people I like – and I end having a lot more free time to spend on domestic affairs which I have come to truly enjoy. That KK is bringing in a little bit more helps relieve the terror of being penniless, and I’m more willing to say no to bad jobs.

We have shifted more toward the proverbial man-takes-home-the-bacon, woman-takes-care-of-home model, but it’s not uncomfortable.

The kids do miss papa. Especially Day, who at this stage in his life needs a male figure and is more likely to ask – What time is Papa coming home?

But it’s a gradual getting-used-to, and everyone has adjusted nicely.

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