Wednesday, November 11, 2015

comparing results

Results are out, and it is as it is.

But as the three report books are all piled up, opened up for me to sign, the kids spot an opportunity: Hey! We can compare all our Primary 1 results! (since Lu has completed Primary 1)


The numbers are laid side by side. And it’s not something I ever saw, or ever thought about, because I think about each child in silo.

But because of someone’s bright idea, we ALL see that there is a definite clear order in the numbers which is unerring in precision.

Jo takes the lead in every subject, followed by Day, followed by Lu.

Then of course, Jo proceeds to compare her Primary 2 and 3 results with Day, and the same equation prevails. Jo is delighted, Day is not the least bit surprised and shrugs, then comes up with a slogan: We're the smart kids! We're the smart kids! We're the smart kids! (We meaning him and Jo)

Lu is distraught: But…. But I’m the last, mama!



Anonymous said...

"Why me..(again)" Jun

Anonymous said...

Different exams so, unfair comparisons. :p