Monday, November 23, 2015


“Mama, you’re such a doormat”.

That’s right boy. In characteristic fashion, I meekly acknowledge your astute observation.

At age 11, Day steps back and views me, views us adults, views the world around him, with opinion.

And he has views.

I have said this before, he has a strong stance on politics and religion.

He also has a strong stance on me, in particular, how I am bullied.

It’s one thing to live my life conscionably (treat others how you’d want to be treated, always walk in the other person's shoes, let things go, it’s OK etc etc), it’s quite another when an 11-year-old boy tells you that you’re being too nice.

These are some of the things he has voiced –
  • Sound the HORN, mama! Don’t let the driver bully you! You must HORN! (OK I admit, I have never sounded the car horn in my life because I hate it when others do it to me)
  • Stop talking to her, mama! Why do you have to entertain her on the phone for hours if you don’t really want to talk to her?
  • Don’t let people smoke in front of you, mama! That’s rude!
  • You must charge more money, mama! Don’t charge so little!
  • Don’t do things for free, mama! It’s your time and your health!
He really loves me.

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strikingreality said...

I'll be very touched if my son ever says that to me. :)