Saturday, November 07, 2015


So KK bought a basketball, something he can play with the kids, and it’s been wholesome free fun.


Drive around until we find a court, then hit it.

The only two we are serious about it are KK and Day, really. Its Jo’s first attempt at basketball but she soon gets into the groove, relentless hounding KK as he dribbles playfully around her.


Lu wants to be good at basketball, but as I see her tripping over her own balls it gets a bit scary because of her accident record.


She is very put out that until now she’s the only one who hasn’t managed to score (no strength), and is even more put out that Jo’s ball hit her head and precisely sliced off the healing scab from the wound caused by Jo's teeth.

* Re-bleeding

Jo is truly remorseful (a rare occurrence): I’m so sorry, Lulu. I didn’t mean to give you a permanent scar. If I were you I’d be very very very angry.

But it’s Lu. After the usual "Why ME??" she forgets all about it.


Anonymous said...

Why dun you get badminton rackets and some shutters. We can play in the carpark. Jun

Sher said...

ha. another set of sports equipment??

the tennis rackets and basket of balls have been gathering dust for years already...