Thursday, November 19, 2015

last day of school

School’s over. Day says goodbye to Primary 5 forever, Jo to Primary 3 and Lu to Primary 1.

In summary:

The supposedly nightmare Primary 5 year was not as bad as I thought it would be. I'm not sure why. Perhaps he gets a bunch of teachers who are relatively relaxed and he sort of adapts to the workload.

Jo bids farewell to five of her classmates who get into the Gifted Education Programme, she is pissed she didn’t get in, and she’s pissed that her marks in P3 are numerically less than those she scored in P2.

Lu has had to deal with a lot of “If you friend her I won’t friend you” in a class of very mature classmates who pull her one way and the other, on top of some academic adjustment, but I think she’s fine.

What the girls will miss most – they go “oh no!” when I point it out to them – are shared recesses.

It’s a special circumstance made possible by the fact that I have two daughters who are in the same single-session school; recess has been a special time for the girls to meet up right between the first and second halves of school, to queue up for and eat exactly the same things, and for Jo to fuss over Lu, give her moral support if she needs it and help her find her Primary 1 feet.

They will never share recess again for the rest of their primary school days (and I doubt they will end up in the same secondary school), unless the school changes its configuration of which level eats at what time.

Lu shares a recess with Day next year, but well, he won’t bother.

I pop by with small butter cakes for the girls to celebrate their Last Shared Recess.

* The typical recess set-up. Jo and Lu stick together, and their respective best friends who decide to join in

* Jo with best friend Emilyn

* Lu with best friend Kallie, and her usual recess meal of plain white rice with a chicken nugget cut into slivers

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