Wednesday, November 25, 2015

museum again

The end-year holidays are upon us again.

Each time, the end of year seems to roll around quicker, and finishes quicker. In a blink it’ll be over.

The weather is beautifully cool and wet and gray, and it puts everyone in the mood for peace and calm.

This time I’m well prepared. I have nary a job on my plate, so I can fully savour the days as they flash past.

Auntie Theresa takes leave and she spends one precious day of her leave with us again. Fellow adult company is always good.

She always knows where to eat, and this time Theresa brings us to Mary's Kafe for lunch, a simple home-spun space where Mary herself cooks us Sheperd's Pie, Beef Rendang, pork belly and Pang Susie (sweetish Eurasian pastry with minced meat filling and sweet-potato-laced dough which you apparently can't find anywhere else)


* Outside Mary's Kafe

Then we head to the museum.

* Pix by Day

It's good for repeated visits and this latest refreshing of exhibits is fabulous. Everyone can go off to discover nuggets of information which capture their attention, and I am (most of the time) not beholden to explain anything to any child or force them to read anything.

There are loads of videos with subtitles (crucial for these kids of mine when earphones are not enough to go around and accents are hard to catch) featuring people saying truly interesting things if you stay to listen, interactive exhibits which work (when you press a button things actually move), use of technology (holograms of personalities flash on as their voices sound) and its fun.

One of Jo’s favourite exhibits was a light exhibit on Dining in the Colonial Days, where pictures of food, cutlery and instructions (do not use this spoon to drink the soup) are flashed onto a table laid out with real plates.

* In the Colonial Exhibition room, and its feature on fashion

For me and Theresa, as we go through the room on “Voices of Singapore” (1975 – 1985) featuring loads of xinyao songs and TV theme songs (The Awakening) we listen and laugh as it echoes our childhood. It's a delightful (maybe not so delightful) reminder that we’re old and that we can now relate to museum exhibits.


* Voices of Singapore (Theresa and Day)

* Part of Voices of Singapore, the movie drive-in mock-up which is great fun, but what is even more fun is the movie they show which features scenes from old Singapore including Big Splash!

As time passes, each time the kids see Theresa, they are less and less welcoming as they grow into their own.

Hugs and kisses are scarce.

As we say goodbye to Theresa, Lu reluctantly gives her a hug. Then Jo. Next in line is Day, who stands facing Theresa with arms stiff by his side. He lets go: “This is SO awkward” and we all laugh. But he hugs her anyway, and its a funny hug because his arms don't go around her.

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