Monday, December 07, 2015

day’s holiday dishes

With no school, Day takes to pan and ladle once more.

He’s still the one amongst the trio most likely to try and cook his own food.

He asks me – what shall I cook?

I say mushroom soup, and he Googles a recipe which doesn’t call for cream. It only calls for garlic, onion, soup stock and a ton of blended cooked mushrooms.

An hour later, what emerges from our group effort (girls slice and dice) is a slightly bitter, super-thick soup which fills the kitchen with a rustic mushroom aroma.


“I don’t think it’s very good, mama, it’s bitter,” he pronounces, although the girls and I are frankly quite delighted despite the muddy appearance.

I think the problem is the type of mushroom. We used a mixed supermarket pack. The recipe called for porcini (what?) mushrooms.

This soup is too atas.

Next. He decides to stir-fry bak choy. I think he’s very frustrated with my stir-fried veggies. He wants to produce Crystal Jade-type vegetables.

He stares at the picture and follows it down to every detail, keeping the bak choy whole and boiling it. (which we all complain about later because who wants to eat the bottoms?)

He stir-fries the sauce, and garlic, separately, while I watch lest he gives himself third-degree burns.


This one is a winner. It’s a little sweet for us because the recipe called for a teaspoon of sugar, in addition to the oyster sauce. But now we know better, and I know I can assign the veg to him next time.

He also enjoys cooking at Gu Gu’s. They’ve baked bread, and cooked beef stew on the standalone cooking countertop.

Day’s perennial complaint: How come Gu Gu cooks so well but not you? How come her kitchen has all this equipment and we have nothing?

* Beef stew in proper expensive pots, which he compares to our cheap light Ikea pots (but they've lasted almost 7 years OK)


Anonymous said...

I mostly microwave leftovers and boil - no spare bandwidth for fancy stuff


strikingreality said...

For a dairy free mushroom soup, just saute chopped mushrooms and cube potatoes with garlic and onion with some oil, add water and let it simmer till everything is soft. Then blend it. It'll be thick and creamy because of the starch in potatoes. Hope this helps!

(I am not sure if you have a blender at home though)