Tuesday, December 15, 2015

free labour

Kids are meant to be useful, right. Like how farmers have a dozen kids who’d be put to work on the farm.

In that same spirit, we look at the kids in a new light. They are of age. What free labour can they supply to help KK?

What KK needed urgently was a skilled freelance AutoCAD draftsman. These people, who need to be adept in using the technical drawing software to visualize engineering specs, are apparently very thin on the ground. Day’s hand shot up. He wanted to learn AutoCAD.

That aspiration, however, soon petered out because it’s not something which can be learnt overnight. It takes money to learn AutoCAD and honestly, it looks terribly complicated. It's not like learning Powerpoint.

What KK also needed was secretarial support.

Yes, I was the secretary. But I wasn’t a very good one. I was a bit messy and slow, because I put KKGeo work behind my own work and housework.

Jo’s hand shot up. Her eyes gleamed. She had seen what I did as a secretary, and she knew it was right up her alley.

That was at the start of the holiday and she's taken to it with characteristic fastidiousness.

During her “internship” in November as I brought her through the paces, she tut-tutted the quality of my work: What? You didn’t file the papers properly! They are not in order! You didn’t even punch the holes straight! And why is this file so old?

I headed down to Popular to buy a new black file, to replace the recycled file I had been using, and she methodically filed all the papers. As a bonus, I bought and introduced her to the idea of Reinforcing Rings – those transparent circlets you apply on punched holes to protect them from fraying – and my goodness me. I think she’ll enjoy applying those rings for the rest of her life.


She has got quotations, purchase orders and invoices all neatly filed in order of date, types letters for KK (all she has to do is change the relevant dates and subjects and numbers), writes addresses on his envelopes and I reckon she can even sign off because she can forge KK’s signature. (Of course she doesn’t)


She is so proud of her work she has become territorial. On several occasions she has screamed at me – “Mama, I’m the secretary not you!” – when she caught me doing KKGeo work on my computer. We've gotten into several screaming matches over this, because I start screaming back that she shouldn't be screaming at her mum.

And she is very, very, very sore that she does not have a KKGeo e-mail account. Everytime she catches sight of the sign-off – Wong Sher Maine, Administrative Support – she launches into another diatribe about how unfair life is.

So it was with a sigh of relief that I heaved off the secretarial portfolio and dumped it on her while she was free during the holidays.

She absolutely cannot wait to prepare Chinese New Year cards for his business associates.

* Her fave stationary drawer


HRLIM said...

So adorable. I am really impressed. My dad would have loved me to help him along the way Jo did. Its not something I loved to do.

Jo said...

Her handwriting is amazing! So neat, legible and pleasant looking.

Sher said...

u know, jo, she reminds me of u in so many ways :)
for instance i can just imagine u fretting over my terrible filing.

Jo said...

Hahaha, not sure about fretting but definitely the organization. I so enjoyed reinforcement rings too! :-p