Thursday, December 17, 2015

hand-made book

The girls and I work on a Christmas gift for their little cousin Liyen – an A5-sized book of photos from our KL trip. We also write a simple story to go along with it.

* The book pages, bound with a metal ring

It’s a labour of love; choosing photos, transferring it to a drive, going to the photo shop, printing the photos, laying out the story, printing on the pages (this sucks the most because it never comes out right), pasting the photos, bringing it to the shop to laminate (because otherwise the book will be trashed in a day).

The girls are with me every step of the way, writing the first draft of the story, scrupulously choosing the page colours and pasting photos.

We think it’ll be the perfect gift. This is the time Liyen starts learning how to read and what better book to start with than a book about herself? Even better if the lamination stands the test of time, and it becomes a keeper.

* Liyen opening up her present

* Liyen's favourite page, it always makes her squeal in delight

(In any case, Jo makes me photograph every page in case the book goes extinct)

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