Tuesday, December 29, 2015

holiday look back

We stay at home a lot.

There isn’t very much by way of travel or constructive activity or even meeting friends, for this round of holidays.

The four of us (kids and I) are infected with a collective desire to nua. Actually it sounds very much like what we do in December 2014.

I have very little work, so typically I am able to delightedly indulge in waking up at 9 and sleeping again before lunch, before blearily asking the kids where they’d like to eat lunch because I’m too lazy to cook.

The kids, too, increasingly just want to hang out at home. Especially Lu who keeps stamping her skinny foot whenever I attempt to bring them out to say – I’m very HOMEY, Mama, I LIKE being at home, can you stop going out? Can you just buy lunch / dinner back? I HATE going out.

When it becomes that much work to bring them out, why bother?

What do they do? Read, play Lego, do make-believe, cluster over Day’s mobile, watch Youtubes and TV.


* Playing horsey

* One of the places we hung out more, outside of home, was probably the CC's badminton court

I suppose there’s nothing wrong with wasting a holiday away! 

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect holiday to me! :D