Friday, December 04, 2015

kk’s solo flight

For the first time since we got married, KK went on a flight solo.

Every plane to him is a potential coffin and every flight could bring death (which is why we don’t fly very much).

Now, he has to fly for work.

It wasn’t far or long: Just two days and a night in Jakarta for a business meeting.

But it was a big deal, also because it’s the first time he’s ever gone for an overseas business meeting.

He invested in a new suit.

The night before, the girls were all excited helping Papa to pack and check out his new suit.

* Lu buttoning up for Papa

* Jo giving her opinion on shirt colours

* Sending papa off at the airport

While he’s there, there’s a lot of video-calling as he shows us his hotel room and surroundings.

Will there be more?

I think the business prospects will force him to fly more in future. But he’ll still hate it.

He couldn’t even eat on his Garuda flight, and I’m certain his palms were clammy and cold as always.

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Anonymous said...

I m a mother of 3 grown children & have been a silent reader enjoying your posts.
However, I feel very concerned & disturbed about posting a picture of your naked daughter Lu
helping his daddy with his jacket. You can never be too careful about posting explicit pics of your children(even babies) as the consequences could be dire with so many perverts in cyber space. Just my 2 cents worth.

A concerned parent,