Tuesday, December 01, 2015

miss tan’s email

Suddenly my mobile pinged. I had a new e-mail and the subject was “Lily’s School”. It was from her teacher, Miss Tan, and this is our e-mail exchange (mine in bold):

Dear Sher Maine,

Now that it is the holidays, there is no more school (unless it is important) for the rest of the year. I have sent this email to tell you that I have not collected Lily's homework.

Please ask Lily to complete and return the following items to me (I will be at the school):
·    动本 Page 26-28
·    读小一华文字词手册 Page 2 (Don't need to return the book)
·    Finish colouring Singapore's birthday cake
·    Sign comic
                                                                                   From: Miss Tan

Hello Miss Tan
Don't work so hard. Why are you still in school? You should go on holiday!

Dear Sher Maine,
I still need to collect Lily's work, mark it, and file it into her file.

But Miss Tan, Lily needs to enjoy her holiday. She does not want to do any work.

Dear Sher Maine, 
I did not give her the work yesterday, I gave it to her quite a few weeks ago. 1 of them is due for 2 months! 

Dear Sher Maine, 
Sorry, I forgot. It was not due for 2 months, it was due for 6 months!


Karmeleon said...

hahhahah . She didn't CALL, eh?

Karmeleon said...

from Unity Sunflower School eh?