Sunday, December 27, 2015


KK was straining to think of what to get for Day for Christmas. I’m inclined to go with a pen. Or correction tape. Or a book, some sort of guide to the (oooh) PSLE. Then KK, eyes agleam, said – I know!

Oh no.

He said – I need the car to go and get it, I can’t carry it on my bike, it’s too big.

Oh NO.

He comes back with a huge and therefore unwrap-pable flat packed box with a picture on it. It’s patently obvious what it is, and both Day and KK fall upon it, Christmas morning, all agog.

(Let me say what I think upfront: KK bought it for himself)


The boys diligently drill holes in the wall, putting it up, while I stare dumbly at the mountain of sports-related paraphernalia gathering dust just beneath the chosen spot.


On my part, I take apart the pile, and through a haze of dust-induced sneezing try to minimize the living room footprint of the unused tennis balls, roller blades, bowling ball, unused golf clubs, skate scooters and the latest basketball and badminton rackets.

Then it’s Game On.

KK yells – Let’s get Coke! (I think this is in lieu of beer)

We play.

* Ubiquitous Coke on the table. Girls are out of the picture

It’s a snazzy electronic board which, when switched on in Bluetooth mode, syncs to the mobile which then keeps score and issues a variety of gamey sound effects.


It’s a complete disaster. The expensive soft-tipped darts – as shot by Day and I – mostly go everywhere except on the board. The tips are bent, the darts are broken in two as they strike the brick wall, and KK in characteristic critical fashion lambasts us all.

“WHAT? Are you all serious? Come on, can’t you all hit the board? It’s so big! At the rate you’re going, we’re not going to have any darts left!” He is not amused and snorts at every shot. He of course, never misses.

I get huffy and refuse to play another game on the ridiculous high-end board, Day’s face turns black because he feels lousy. He goes on about how the board is too high and how he doesn’t have strength. “What a sore loser,” KK mutters, characteristically devoid of sympathy or diplomacy.

Lu and Jo - who revels in being the show commentator (her favourite phrase when the darts fall short: It’s a dark, dark day) - don’t dare to shoot.

Suffice to say, however, that we all get over it. The truth is, KK is never the man who will say You’re Doing Great or That’s OK or Not Bad At All. That’s the sort of thing I say, and I suppose that’s why the kids look at me suspiciously these days when I mouth these platitudes because they don’t really believe me.


Day shoots from a foot nearer the board and he eventually manages to beat Papa, to KK’s delight. The Tsks change to That’s the Way! I get better too, and on the couple of occasions we bet the game outcome on dish-washing (very important to win), I have triumphed.

The board is still out of Jo and Lu’s reach, though.

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