Thursday, December 31, 2015

year look back

2015 was a big deal year nationally, because of the passing of LKY and it’s Singapore’s 50th, and the haze got really bad. Domestically…


KK, so much change for him, as he gets the motorbike and takes a step out of the workplace to becoming an independent operator. Sooner or later, both feet will be outside the boat and he’ll be paddling entirely on his own.

Me, some work-highs as I am put on a pedestal for one book and get to bring the kids to meet the President for another. But by and large, it’s an unpleasant overly-busy year during which many domestic routines (lunchbox for kids, night-time reading etc) are thrown out and I feel like I’m a frazzled full-time working mum.


Day, he increasingly gives voice to and acts on his opinions, including deliberately choosing his friends, and is slowly but surely seeking time out on his own. He still looks like a little boy, though, to his dismay as his friends shoot up, sprout pimples and croak.

Jo gains in confidence and chinchai-ness, and continues to thrive academically as her inherent perfectionist streak drives her to stay on top. She already has secondary schools she wants to go to all mapped out, although I disagree with her choices. She also impresses as Liyen’s careful caretaker.

Lu is as small as ever - her school uniform skirt at the end of the year seems looser than ever - but grows astronomically in savviness as she is throw into a Primary 1 class of politicking girls. Amongst the trio, she takes the longest time to learn but she’s also the one who gets things done with the least amount of nagging. Her way is the Chop-chop Anyhow way.

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Dee.. said...

OMG! I've only just read the posting on Istana! I'm sooooo proud of you! I wish I can bring my children to places like this even as I"m a housewife. :|