Thursday, January 28, 2016

big p6 year

The one big question everyone asked me at the start of the year was: Your son is taking his PSLE this year? Stressful, hor.

It’s almost the end of January.

Day is very, very busy. From school alone, he’s got soccer on Mondays (luckily temporary because its competition season) and Wednesdays, remedial on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Nothing on weekends.

He comes home with a boatload of homework. Once home, he moves from one task to the next while wolfing down snacks in between, with hardly any time for conversation.

The amount of work he brings home often keeps him up past his 10pm bedtime. The sleep debt mounts. I do miss the rosy cheeks, bright eyes and serene temperament he had during the holidays when he slept 9 hours or more a day.

He also has one session of Chinese tuition a week which comes with homework.

He has nothing extra from me. The only thing I make him do is sleep, eat well, brush his teeth and get off the computer/mobile.

The good thing is, he doesn’t drown. He’s resilient that way, and he's progressively become more and more responsible in the past year, so he doesn't owe any teacher homework for too long. 

He does the best he can, neatly and mindfully, and cheerily chin-chai’s the rest away. In that sense, I think the best way to view the PSLE is as a resilience-building exercise. He is stretching without any help from me, knowing that he is in charge of his own destiny and also with the assurance that his parents (mum at least) aren’t hung up on an aggregate. 

(I think he is, however, being pressured at school by teachers and peers. I also realise that his schedule is actually rather laissez-faire compared to any other P6 kid. I also think it might get more stressful as the PSLE nears.)

It’s also strange that Jo in Primary 4 seems a lot more stressed than Day in Primary 6.

Character, I suppose. Chin chai isn’t quite her. Most times, she sleeps much later than Day but she seems to get by quite well. Someone told me women have much better stamina than men and it shows early.

* I'm stressed? You're stressed?
(Photo reminds me of this one)

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