Tuesday, January 12, 2016

bimbo swimsuits

Barring the time when they were very small and allowed me to stuff them in all manner of bikinis or whatever swimsuits other people generously passed down to me, the girls have never wanted to swim in anything other than wetsuits. Thick neoprene affairs with sleeves and legs which supposedly keep them warm in the cold water.

Then we went to KL with Liyen and they saw her navy blue one-piece with gold hearts. They wanted one just like it. A nice cutesy affair, not even the functional one-colour Speedo types. Something with pretty patterns.

I searched high and low. Honestly, because I shop so little, I had no idea where to find a cutesy but not TOO cutesy swimsuit for girls. I didn’t know where to find one online, and I didn’t know which brick-and-mortar shop to go to.

After a lot of time-wasting checking out all sorts of shops, we finally went to where Liyen got hers: Cotton on Kids at United Square. Which was far away and and there weren’t a lot of options. But what they had was what the girls wanted. Due to a lack of sizes, Jo consented to having a different patterned swimsuit from Lu (clap clap, because she usually still insists on being Lu's twin). And it was CHEAP.


KK was full of disapproval. He didn't like seeing his girls in fussy patterns and frills. He tutted – This is so baby-ish, you’re not babies anymore!

* Our ice cream girls


Anonymous said...

There are actually quite a wide option of such swimsuits in Malaysia. They have local brands that can be easily found in the kids section of the departmental stores. Quite reasonably priced, after conversion that is,too! (Usually it cost about RM50 to 90)


Ondine said...

Cotton On is our go to place for swim stuff! They don't last very long but I think they outgrow it faster than they outstretch it. Cotton On has an online store so if you're lazy, you can do it online. :)

francesca said...

First sign up for a comgateway.com - to get a USA address
Then, u can shop at carters.com, oldnavy.com and Disney.com
Ship your purchases to comgateway
Consolidate and ship all back to Sg from comgateway

Do take note that your purchase doesn't exceed sgd400 (else gst implies)

Debra said...

You can get 30% off your first purchase at Cotton On online!

Sher said...

oh such great tips!
i should get onto the online shopping bandwagon, esp the 'cheem' channels like wat francesca suggests.
but i find i still like to look and see and feel. i thot they should try out the swimwear too, to see if it fits with just a little extra slack to grow into.

francesca said...

Yea. But so far, so good. And before I knew online shopping, I thought sgd100 can buy a lot during fox sale. (Disney sizing may be a bit small, so far, carters and oldnavy are accurate for my three) :)

francesca said...

And Amazon offers free shipping to sg if you spend more than usd125

Anonymous said...

Hi Sher Maine
You might want to check out Next from the UK. They have quite a good selection and prices aren't too high. They ship direct to Singapore at only $6 per order, no matter how much you buy...free shipping for orders over $50. And they ship pretty quickly too, sometimes within a week!