Sunday, January 24, 2016

body scrutiny

The kids have been assessing and forming opinions about their own bodies and of course, there are parts they don't like.

Day hates his stick-out ears and Long Life Lobes and, and has asked me: Ma can I cut these (ear lobes) off?

Jo hates her butt and has shouted in exasperation: Ma, when David and Lulu stand together they look the same (moves hands in parallel up and down) but when I stand next to them I look like this! (moves hands in a very dramatic hour glass with a huge big bottom)

Lu hates her hairy legs and has used a pair of scissors to cut off the hairs.

I tell them what I really think of course, which is that I heartily disagree.

That they are perfect and functional. That Day according to Chinese beliefs will live a long and prosperous life, that Jo has a butt that lesser women pay to put implants in, and Lu's legs won't feel so cold in air-conditioning.

At this stage, however, none of these positive statements stick. 

Neither do all my "You are so lucky... at least..." statements ie. You all don't know how lucky you are, at least you have ears that can listen, at least you have a butt you can sit on, at least you have legs that can move and run.

It attracts eye-rolling.

Jo, discerning as usual, bites back: You tell me some women like big butts, well what will you tell me if I have a flat butt, huh? You will tell me that a flat butt is nice, right? Whatever I complain about you will say it’s nice right?

To which I say, well a butt's a butt as long as you can use it to shit, which drives her completely nuts.


Jo said...

Ah, the wisdom and acceptance that comes with age. They are a long way off.

Sher said...

i don't think it necessarily comes with age :)