Wednesday, January 20, 2016

family talk

As we are hanging around the library on a weekend just before lunch, a lady comes up to us waving a bunch of leaflets in her hand, like she’s trying to sell something. “Would you like to attend our family talk today at 3pm? I know it’s very last-minute, but do join us if you can.”

I look at the leaflet. It said, “Join us for a unique and meaningful bonding experience and connect with your family members!”

We had the entire afternoon free at our disposal and KK was not around. Why the hell not?

Day wanted out. These days, he has a deep suspicion of free events with titles like “Family Talk” which have to be touted. So I brought him home and left him there.

Well, he missed a glorious three hours.

Once again, we (the girls and I) have benefited from a fabulous, great value-for-money (free in this case) CC event which we serendipidously stumbled into.

* First to arrive, as usual


There was a talk – an interesting one – about our personality profiles. Jo is a Beaver, Lu and I are Golden Retrievers.

* Jo grouped with her fellow Beavers

There was a family activity where the girls and I got to decorate a Family Memory Board with scrapbooking materials which were given to us, and Polaroid photos taken of us on the spot.


There was a fantastic Amazing Race which was the undoubted highlight for us. I was blindfolded and tied to the girls (my right ankle to Jo’s left ankle, my left wrist to Lu’s right wrist). The girls, Lu on my left and Jo on my right, had to lead me around an obstacle course with stations. They had to verbally guide me to draw a house, make an 2D apple tree out of dough and climb through a series of criss-crossing ropes. We had serious fun.

* My work, as directed by the girls

There was food.

* Spring rolls, satay, chicken wings, kueh pie tee!

And unbelievably, there were presents at the end of it. The girls were given crayons and a Lego Spiderman.


Throughout, a team of volunteers kept spirits high as they squeezed rubber chickens which squeak, and sang songs (Barney’s I Love You Song seemed to be the theme song).

I am so grateful. We are so grateful.

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