Friday, January 08, 2016

jo’s projects

I suppose trying things out is part and parcel of the luxury of childhood.

Jo, more than the other two, has lots of little projects lying around the house. Certain things catch her fancy and she wants to learn it, or try it out, or tackle it.

She embarks on every project with characteristic zeal and perfectionist fervor. But because she wants things to be perfect, she takes a l-o-n-g time and seldom finishes before something new she Has To Do comes along.

Her projects in cold storage (all of which she means to come back to, but I doubt she ever will unless she makes time for it):

* Photo scrapbook (pasted, captioned and decorated seven photos about a year ago, with another 12 photos awaiting their turn!)

* Learning Cantonese, a project which she embarked on several years ago. She hasn't got past the first few pages and no she still can't speak it.

* Song-writing, which was to have culminated in a great big file of original music, but we didn't even get the lyrics down to this first sheet

* Packing her table, a school holiday endeavour which has not been completed two months on

* Her blog, inspired by mine and which she made a valiant effort of for a while

Come to think of it, I have a laundry list of half-completed things to do too. We ALL need some time management skills.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully her Canto better than KF Teng! Jun

Sher said...

hmm. hvnt heard teng speak canto forever.