Thursday, January 14, 2016


KK takes the rare Saturday off and he decides to bring Day sailing.

(The girls, of course, demur and I am left to supervise them as they swim. Even then I’m not sure I want to get into the hot sun for long as the spots are lurking just under my skin…)

Our benefactor is our insurance agent and good friend Chong, who is a member of the Changi Sailing Club.

What a lovely spot, one I wish we had discovered before.

It’s by the sea, it’s old (from 1936) and it’s very charming.

* Residential chalets

* Nautical toilet signs ("Head" is a ship's toilet)

* The pool and the sea

* A baked crab


But it’s one of those vintage spots in Singapore where the land lease is expiring. This year, in fact (2016). After which the land may be put up for tender and some organization which proposes some hideous water park or some other money-making endeavor may put up the highest bid, and then it’ll be farewell to the 80-year-old club.

Chong, KK and Day spend a good two hours out at sea, slowly drifting along and getting sunburnt because there’ s hardly any wind. Thanks to Chong, who does everything, from rigging up to instructing, it’s an easy two hours.

* It's very le-cheh to set up

* KK, who endeavours to protect his skin these days


* My sunglasses on Day


* Launching off

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