Wednesday, February 17, 2016



Some dastardly creature has been biting Jo.

It comes to her in the night, emerging in the dark, preying on her while she sleeps.

She wakes up with clusters of red bumps slightly larger than mosquito bites, but harder as if it’s a boil. They’re concentrated on specific parts of her body, as if the creature fed in one area and once full, fell away.

They last a few days. Occasionally, they itch and she gets in a tizzy stroking and slapping away at it.

Once resolved, they leave circular light brown marks.

I think the creatures have fed twice, always from Jo, never from Day or Lu.

What creature is it?

We’re not sure. It never happens when she’s in her own bed, only when she shares a separate mattress with her siblings. In response, we’ve thrown away that mattress. Then she got bitten again.

Is it bed bugs?

Apparently not. A pest control guy who was in our compound and whom I accosted for expert advice pronounced that bed bug bites don’t look like that. He thinks it’s some sort of flea and is very puzzled when we say we haven’t got cats.

The doctor I brought her to, who gave her some anti-itch cream, says it looks like sandfly bites, but he isn’t any wiser.

Surprisingly, Jo doesn’t care the least about the bites. The girl who fusses over her own appearance is non-plussed and goes on as if they don’t exist (unless it’s itchy).

Me, I’m actually quite furious. I need to get rid of these things.


Debra said...

Try fumigating the house - spray a lot of insect repellant and close the doors/windows. Sunning the mattresses and pillows would help too.

Jasmin Chia said...

It's probably very small "transparent" white ants. Does she have dandruff?

Check your neighbour and your aircon ledge for bird's nest.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they do look like sandfly bites! Are you sure she got bitten at home?

Sher said...

yes at home. and i'm quite sure its from the bed linen cos it manifests when she wakes up. once, she got out of bed at about 2am complaining very itchy. when she went to bed i dont think she had the bites.

debra: wish i cld sun the stuff. but there's actually no sunning space in my place. small apartment.

dandruff: i dont think so...

feel like throwing out ALL the bedlinen.

Anonymous said...

Mb spiders?? My child got sth like tt twice. Not the spiders bites though but more like an allergy when those creepies crawled past them i suspect. Tried everything including the bed bugs and mozzie extermination and it happened a 2nd time. We never found the spiders but she hasnt got any ever since we dust out the back and under compartments of her bed. And for the marks, try Fucicort. It worked well for my child. Good luck!! Karen

Anonymous said...

Poor Jo. Sounds like bed bugs...the bites are clustered together and the creatures only come out in the night...Sometimes the bugs hide not only in mattress, but in other parts of the bed, yes, in the bed linen too. Yes, try fumigating the house, or better still, call for pest control. Sometimes the expert knows where to look for the creatures. Better eliminate the problem before it spreads! - HX

Fides Heng said...

I am not an expert but i have gotten bites like that and I am the only one in the house who got bitten. It was bed bugs in the end cos I found them hidden in the seams of the mattress and the bed frame. I think my bites became swollen and hard because I had an allergy reaction on top of the bites. I think i resolved it after throwing the bed frame and then did some treatment to the mattress by putting baking soda n insecticide on the seams, i think. Thinking back, it will be safer to just throw the mattress too rather than sleeping on a mattress sprayed with insecticide.

Anonymous said...

Could it be scabies?

strikingreality said...

Quite sure it's not bed bugs. Bed bug bites will bleed and you will see blood spots on the bedsheets (I work in a company which comes across bedbugs on a regular basis). Can you bring the bedsheets/pillows etc to your mum's place to sun. Can't do that for the mattress, but you can put baking soda on your mattress to clean it then vacuum it up.

Sher said...

strikingreality: thanks for that. likely not bed bugs. and i really hope its not scabies!!

we'll devote some time to refreshing the bed linen...

thanks for all the advice.

Anonymous said...

Would u consider getting a clothes dryer? Super convenient, it removes lint, tissue shreds that got accidentally left inside pockets and got washed.... and I'd like to believe the heat helps to kill any bugs in the laundry and the lint filter helps to catch those dead bugs/ bug poop.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the mum who said it might be spiders. I live in Europe and over last summer my kid got these bites quite frequently, some on the face. They look exactly the same. The doctor said that they were from spiders. We had to put medicated cream on them, I stepped up the vacuuming, and it eventually cleared.