Friday, February 05, 2016

choon at cny

For the first time in a long time, Choon decides to brave what he fears will be incessant questions about his marital status to return home for Chinese New Year.

There’s a family running joke, over the years, that as time passes he’s nearing our father’s record. My dad (their Gong Gong) got married at age 37 and was 38 when I was born. Gong Gong was the last of his five siblings to get married and it is for that reason that most of our cousins on his side of the family, are quite a bit older than we are.

Well Choon has shot past it. He’s turning 39 this year. If he has any kids, mine will be quite a bit older than his are. 

The kids have also become quite well-acquainted with the marriage mart, as the family discussions on various marital possibilities for Choon have intensified deliciously in recent months, but the fact of the matter is that it isn’t hard at all for a 39-year-old man to find a wife.

Being still footloose and fancy-free, however, Choon is free to spend lots of time once again hanging out with the kids. I hope he’ll be shackled and not-so-free at CNY next year. I think there's hope.

According to an online horoscope (probably not very accurate but who cares): "The Snake is bestowed with wonderful Love luck for 2016. For both the attached and the single Snake, love will be a sweet thing and you’ll be looking through rose-colored lenses."

* Springleaf Prata

* Kids with Choon and Teng (with head wrapped in bolster, also a bachelor)

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