Wednesday, February 03, 2016

cny dance

The nice thing about being a long-time member of the school’s PSG (Parents Support Group) Club – six years now and I’ll probably be helping out for another five – is that I get to try all sorts of weird things which I would never normally have a chance to try.

Not just marshalling kids or following on excursions. But also organizing display booths during special events, emceeing (for the school's Talent showcase), being a part of discussion panels (What Parents can Expect in Primary 1) and getting interviewed.

This year, I hold a pink fan and dance onstage.

It’s for the school’s CNY show. I have never done the whole dress-up performance thing, but someone backed out and they needed one more dancer.

Two practices later, we’re on. Ours is a modified Youtube rip-off, and we only have three steps to remember because mums have bad memories.



As I mince onto the stage, fluttering my fan, I catch sight of Day and I flutter my eyelashes at him. His friends all straighten up as they point excitedly – “David, that’s your mother!” He doesn’t know where to hide his face and rolls his eyes.


Toward the end of the concert, as the classes leave the hall, Day walks past me deliberately looking straight ahead and ignoring me (!!) as I smile at his receptive friends. 

Later he tells me: All my friends know you, all of them! They tell me they see my mum here and there and they even know you are a writer! (because I gave a career talk once) Can you stop coming to school?

Jo passes me next. She comes up to me, says hi and waves goodbye very sweetly.


* All pictures from a parent photographer


Dawn said... surprised you actually agreed! Kudos to you for being so sporting. I think I would never in my life agree to do that!! haha

Sher said...

as i age i find i get bolder. cos i don't have to be afraid of anything anymore! i mean, i'm 40. why care? just whack and enjoy.

Ling Dawn said...

gosh..u sound like in your 60s thinking like that. Haha..but its good. Always good to think ahead in life :) Its true how we should not be so conscious and not be bothered about what others think then we can be more liberated!