Friday, February 19, 2016

end of soccer

After three years and a bit, Day’s finished with his soccer CCA.

The last official session took place at the Pasir Ris Primary School where the boys had a competitive match. They lost, 3-0.

* The Soccer Boys

The CCA was one which he had picked himself, back when he was eight. He just wanted to play soccer.

In hindsight, some thoughts on his CCA experience:

  • Soccer has always been enjoyable and fun. It’s always been a great time-out for him every Wednesday, to have a rolling good time with his friends and sweat it out.
  • The CCA is one which I like because it comprised a diverse mix. For that reason, Day seems comfortable with walking up to and making friends with groups of strange boys of all colours.

  • At times, Day has regretted his choice because they seldom win. Then I wonder if, for him, just “having fun” is enough. Perhaps he would actually like achieve something or work towards something, as a team, with his friends.
  • The formation of values. This, I realise, is very much dependent on the CCA teacher. Fellow mums have told me before that they choose CCAs for their children based on the teacher; they simply pick the man or woman who is the most zai (inspirational, strict etc) What they want the CCA for is to build up character and values. Putting in the hours, working as a team, etc. The activity is not important. (by this, then, the best CCAs are actually those which are a bit stressful with rather a lot of time commitment)
  • I also thought about this when I interviewed one of the most amazing teachers I have ever met: A bit of a socially-awkward low-achiever who turned a team of water polo losers into champions, military-style. (A boy who was 10 minutes late for practice was made to do 600 push-ups, one for every second.) I wish my kids would one day meet a teacher like this man.
This, then, is the one thing I wish I had thought more about. In hindsight I might have suggested that Day go with a different CCA.

Applying that hindsight, between Lu's choices now of the Art Club versus the Brownies, I'm gently suggesting the latter...

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