Monday, February 15, 2016

groceries with kids

I set out to buy a bag of potatoes from the supermarket.

On a whim, I announce to the kids: OK you can all follow me and buy things.

I come back with this. It looks like one of those photos in the series "What a Week of Groceries Looks Like Around the World" and its not one of the conscionable ones! Thankfully this is a one-off.

* My potatoes looking very small on the right in a plastic bag


Anonymous said...

Sugary, its all sugar ... Jun

Sher said...

ya i know. this photo shows "bad mother allowing kids to eat cancer-causing sugary junk". i wish they'd pick up broccoli and tomatoes.

francesca said...

Same as my kids. Usually if I go alone, I only pick up one or two essential stuff. With the kids, I end up with a basket of snacks, milk and whatnots.