Tuesday, February 23, 2016

lu and the 7 boys

This is Lu at swim class.


When her best friend doesn’t turn up, which has happened several times, she’s the only girl amongst seven boys.

The school teachers ask me, very concerned – Is she OK with that? Does she want to switch to a group with more girls?

No she doesn’t. She’s fine with the boys.

The class comprising eight lessons is one organised by the school at a minimal rate for non-swimmers, at a nearby swimming complex where I grew up swimming in.

(Lu can swim, but only minimally. We hardly swim after we were chased out of the condominium and stopped lessons.)

The pool is always empty, save for school groups, I even see some from secondary schools. I suppose that's how the public pools rake in some dough these days.


Tuesdays after school, the kids take their lunch, change into their swimsuits, pile onto a bus and start their swim class at a blistering 3pm.

* Lu with best friend Kallie


After being baked and browned, they shuffle into the toilets at 430pm to change back to their uniforms – sans bath or shower – head toward the waiting buses and go home where they are picked up.

She hated swim classes before. The funny thing is, she enjoys this one.

I thought about it: She probably felt really lousy learning alongside Day and Jo who are older and obviously stronger. Here in this class, where some of the boys are truly, truly abysmal, she is happy to have the upper hand. Also, in a group of 8, there is a lot less attention on her.

* Lulu and the coach, in cap

* Lu and dimpled Kallie

What she really doesn't like is being brown. Together with Jo, these two have developed a tendre for milk-white skin. Tan, golden glow, healthy sheen, cuts no ice with them. 

As such, Jo is most pleased that Lu is now even darker than me.


Then again, I seem to be getting darker too because I'm at the pool every Tuesday, faithfully helping the teachers to ensure the safety of the children as a staunch parent volunteer...



Anonymous said...

I hope they dun close that pool...Jun

Sher said...

when u come back u swim lor. its really empty.