Saturday, February 27, 2016

new bestie trio

Day has completely shed his old set of friends, for a new bunch. It's been quite a dramatic shift. 

Over the past year, he’s slowly gravitated toward a boy in class who, like him, had stayed in Australia for a year but as a result is a year older. (because Evan left when he had already started primary school, and had to re-join at the same level he left)

Day said: I get along with him. We think the same way.

As Evan hung out with another boy, Matthew, they now make a trio.

* Day, Matthew, Evan


Day routinely goes to Evan’s house after school, and sometimes on weekends.

Sometimes I ask him why he doesn’t hang out with his old friends anymore. He says they’re immature.

What is he looking for in his friends at this stage in his life?

For one, both Evan and Matthew are Christians, who say Grace before meals. The first time Day shared a meal with Evan’s family and they said Grace, he was a little taken aback. Does he gravitate toward Christians? I don’t know. Perhaps he gravitates toward some of the values the religion espouses. If his friends asked him to go to church, however, he’d probably back out of the friendship.

They don’t like the rest of the class. I’ve heard one of them say – I hate all the girls in this class and most of the boys. I'm not sure what they have in common, and what the rest of the class represents, which warrants this.

On a field trip, I saw that they were conspicuously apart from the girls, who sat in a bunch, and the rest of the boys who sat in another bunch. I asked Evan why. He smiled and said – We’re different.


* Oh they all don't wear specs!

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