Monday, February 01, 2016


Day: Why do I have to buy new clothes for Chinese New Year? Can we not go shopping? I hate shopping, I really hate it. (it's the same story every year)

Ah. But his father loves shopping.

And so KK drags us all to Vivocity to pick out CNY apparel for Day.

* KK makes the selections and passes them to Day who is waiting in the Changing Room

For KK, this penchant for wearing new things at CNY has become more pronounced over the years. He buys not one, not two but three new shirts for himself, two new pairs of pants and new shoes. All that, without throwing out a single item from his wardrobe which by now full to bursting; so all the shirts can actually stay in the wardrobe even if they’re hanger-less, because they’re so tight against each other they just stay up.

(While I am reading “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” and meticulously throwing out any one of my 10 dresses which don’t bring me “joy”, as Marie Kondo commands)

He wants to buy the girls and I new things. I demur. The girls already have stuff, but they end up with new dresses too.

* Why so solemn?

* Girls freezing in the mall, Lu wearing my throw

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Dawn said...

The boys seem to be having a serious discussion! Maybe an intellectual one. haha