Tuesday, February 09, 2016

work attitudes

If I could compare the three’s work attitudes to a badminton match:

Day is the player who’d try to score points with the least amount of effort. He won’t particularly care if he drops a ball, but he’d at least run and he’d think about how to run so he can get the most balls without sweating too much. If he loses, he’d shrug and smile and say, Ah I’m just crap.

Jo is the player who would sweat and perspire her way to hitting every single ball, sometimes to her own detriment. She might sprain her ankle, she might have a crap racket, but she won’t want to drop a single one and she’d want to score the highest. (at the same time she wouldn’t want anyone to see her playing lest she loses)

Lulu would stand still and smile beatifically, racket on the floor, as she enjoys the sight of the shuttlecocks raining down on the floor around her. She doesn’t quite know how to play but she doesn’t care even if she’s in a game.

I say to Lu: "Let’s play this part of the piano score again, so you will remember."

Lu says, smiling: "I won’t. I just have a very bad memory."

I say: "Come on, let’s do some Chinese."

Lu responds: "Nope. I don’t want to take life too seriously. I just want to have fun."


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