Wednesday, March 16, 2016



I’m 41. I’ve done my time at home and I figure it’s time to spread my wings a bit because I’m not just their mother or his wife or the house cleaner.

For my birthday this year I go to Nepal for 10 days.

More accurately, it’s my belated 40th birthday present to myself, for the Big 4-0.

I would probably never have gotten the impetus to go on my own (it still does seem terribly selfish of me to leave the kids on a personal expedition – what if I die there?), except Choon said last year that flights were cheap and that he intended to go. Teng joined in. And in a moment of madness probably brought about when work and domestic angst collided spectacularly, I signed up to escape.

I would have loved to bring the kids except KK would never go and he wouldn't let me bring the trio on dangerous travels. What if they die there?

For me, Nepal was the clincher. I will never leave the kids for an eating / shopping / sight-seeing trip. I went to Nepal in 1998 for one of the best trips of my life and I promised myself that I would return, so this makes it my second visit.

The only other country to which I made the same promise was to Mongolia. (I do realize all the countries I want to return to, are those in which I suffered a bit and went camping in, which says something about me)

Obviously, I’m alive and I’m back.

More later.

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