Sunday, March 06, 2016

a catholic wedding

As a non-Catholic who has played at several lengthy Catholic weddings, I wasn’t sure if it would be a good idea to bring the kids to attend their first such wedding.

What if they get restless and quarrel or titter while very serious Godly speeches are being delivered?

I decided to have some faith in them, and brought them to Chun and Sok Wah’s wedding yesterday.



How did they do?

Apart from Day who couldn’t seem to stop giggling (I hissed at him to stuff it) at parts, they did alright. They were actually really captivated. Why?

Churches, the cathedral-like ones with high ceilings and pews and powerful images of Jesus hanging on the cross (not the auditoriums with laser lights and sound systems), just make me want to keep quiet and reflect the moment I step into the silent sanctuary. This one, the Church of St Francis Xavier, has that same effect on the kids and I. We step into the hall and they hush.

In addition the hall is illuminated by sunlight which streams in from not one but two gorgeous stained glass windows, front and back, and is lined with statues of the saints which the kids proceed to identify. (not that they know them. Identify meaning read off the name labels)

* Day ah... naughty slippers and blasphemous pose


Chun performed as his bride walked in!


The Order of Service was not only shorter than usual, the programme book detailed every word which would be spoken. The kids effectively spent the entire ceremony looking down at the book, following the progress of the ceremony from opening prayer to liturgy to nuptial blessings, pulling my elbow when someone made a ‘mistake’. Lu was especially engrossed. Everytime she ‘lost’ her place, she got mad.

They had a great time, as if they were watching a movie with a subtitle guide in their hands.


They also couldn’t believe their luck when the wedding ended with an incredible buffet of roast beef and salmon and mushroom soup and other yummies.

* So, so, so happy for the couple

* Juvian, Pol Yee, Sok Wah, Chun, me and kids, best man Yaw Chang


G said...

Lu looks so cute in her dress! I think I once had a teddy or a dolly with a similar outfit.

Sher said...

it was a dress i wore when i was 5. been trying to find a photo of it.