Monday, March 14, 2016

birthday staycation

It’s been a long time since we did a staycation.

So I called around, and a nice hotel on Sentosa happened to be having a special package for families.


Most times I’d cringe at the price. $630 nett for one night’s stay, inclusive of a buffet breakfast and seafood buffet dinner for all of us. Then I thought, I’m freaking turning 41. It’s time to live it up and relax. A bit. And it's a nice way to start off the week-long March school holidays.


KK’s Favourites

The buffet. He missed buffet breakfast (he went off early in the morning to play golf) but he thoroughly enjoyed sitting at the dinner table for two hours, getting up every now and then to discover some new morsel in the spread. 

We hardly eat buffets, especially those that come with wine, so it was a treat.


Playing table soccer and ping pong with the kids in the recreational area.


My Favourites

Pigging out. I think the last time I ate a buffet was several years ago. I piled my plate high with all of the seafood and ended up with stomach cramps a day later. Heck.


The room. A nice clean room maintained by other people in which I can slip between the sheets and go to sleep in peace.


Kids’ Favourites


* After Day bullies Jo and I command him to be nice to her

Sentosa's fearless peacocks.


Day gets to eat strange things in the buffet. He laps up the kimchi, and these strange snails.


The girls get their own separate sofa bed in an alcove.


The playroom, which is normally chargeable but which is free for kids coming in on the family package. This is where the trio had the most fun, swooshing down the covered slide which is apparently rather thrilling and racing back up, and playing games supervised by the playroom staff.


Truth be told, the kids had a lot more fun here than at Club Med, for some reason. 


Jess said...

Hi, did you have to pay extra for the 3rd child for the buffet breakfast & dinner, since the family package is for 2A+2C only?

Sher said...

yes we did have to pay for 3rd child for buffet dinner. i think i din factor tt into the 630.

but not for buffet breakfast because KK didn't eat. so it was 1A+3C for breakfast.